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The warmth of spring should bring slightly easier times. Utility bills will drop a bit from the heating season and the warming sun will but a smile on our faces. This is a great time to look at safety in your home. So please, change all of your smoke detector batteries and furnace filters. 
The City has increased its efforts in almost every neighborhood looking for accumulations of trash, abandoned vehicles and yards full of junk. They are trying hard to keep the City cleaner. Be sure your yard is clean and not a target for a fine; fines have increased substantially.  Residential trash at the curb must be in trash cans with lids no earlier than 6 am of the morning of collection. The City is also very heavily targeting businesses that use the City for their trash removal or leave their trash outside for collection. The City requires that businesses contract this service with private hauling companies. 
We continue to cover the City in many price ranges. We have two new remodeled units coming available starting April 1st. These are large one bedroom units with hard surface flooring (no carpet), high ceilings, new windows and doors, new heating systems, all gas appliances, overhead lighting with updated kitchens and bathrooms too. These units are priced at $795/mo located in Penn/North. Visit our website for details.
We have a very exciting new property that is about to be completed. It is a fully renovated row house in Ashburton (West Baltimore). This house has 1.5 baths; and lots of energy features such as bamboo hardwood floors, a solar roof ventilation system, a tankless hot water system and all gas appliances including a full washer and dryer. There is on street and off street parking, a large rear yard, a full semi-finished open basement and a new porch front. Everything in this house is new – plumbing, electric, a/c, heating, kitchen, appliances, etc. – Be the first to live in this all new efficient home, $1,295/mo. Available early April 2009.   Watch our website for upcoming details and pictures.
Also, we are working on a six unit building in Reservoir Hill that overlooks DruidLake that will be ready for move-in early summer.  It’s a great park setting with a jogging/walking path around the lake. There will be 2 and 3 bedroom units with full ceramic bathrooms. This building was vacant for approximately 30+ years and now it is rather green. All hardwood floors, high energy efficiency appliances, tankless hot water heaters, overhead lighting and lots of insulation. Keep an eye on our website for upcoming pictures and pricing details.
Remember you can EARN RENTAL CREDITS for referring new tenants. There is no limit in how much you can earn. Free money in this economy - try it! Details are on our website.
Please email us your thoughts – what can we do better? What are we doing right? Your comments, both positive and creative criticism are always welcomed and encouraged; we are continuously trying to improve our operation and provide you with the best tenant experience possible. We want you to “Live with Howie B!” forever.
Also, please, always keep us abreast of any new contact information such as new email addresses, new telephone numbers or job changes. You can do this right on our website.
Let us know what you think.  As always, you can also reach me directly on my cell at 410.375.4200, call my home/office at 410.602.0809 and/or email me
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         All rent checks and money orders should be made directly payable in accordance with your lease to your landlord – JSP Partners, LLC or HBN Realty, LLC or HBK Realty, LLC.   Do not write checks to Howie B Properties or Howard personally.  Be sure checks are received by us the fifth to avoid a late charge.
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     Be sure outside lighting is working. If after the bulb is changed and there is still a problem with a fixture, let us know. Also let us know if any common area lighting is not operating properly. If a street light is out, call the City at 311.
      Kitchen reminder: Never leave dirty dishes, at minimum rinse them and do not leave any food or crumbs. They invite the unwanted pests, etc.
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HOWIE B Properties does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, genetic testing or age (provided the applicant has capacity to enter into a binding contract).

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