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Howie B Properties
 8316 Burning Wood Road                                                      Emergency:        911 (24/7)
 Baltimore, Maryland21208-1709                                           CityServices:      311
C: 410.375.4200                   BGE: General  410.685.0123
T: 410.602.0809                   BGE: Outages 877.778.2222
 F: 410.602.0746                                                    Verizon:              410.954.6260      Comcast:                                 

The City of Baltimore has a new trash collection schedule for all neighborhoods and new rules for trash collection and new recycling rules for all BaltimoreCity residents. Trash collection will be one day per week and recycling will be on another day, once per week. Contact the City at 311 to find out your collection schedule; it may be very different from what it has been. Additionally, trash must be placed in cans with secure lids and placed out for collection no earlier than 6 am of the day of collection.
The City is very serious about trash! They are feverously writing fines for early curbside placement, will refuse collections if not in cans with secure lids and will not tolerate trash in plastic bags at the curb – all finable items. Plan accordingly. Any fines we receive will be billed to you!
The City wants you to recycle more than ever; learn the recycling details at
Remember, the City only collects residential trash; businesses are required to have private collection service.
Should Howie B Properties receive any violation notices related to new trash collection rules and procedures, be sure that they will be billed back to the tenant(s) responsible as additional rents. Let&rsqu


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HOWIE B Properties does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, genetic testing or age (provided the applicant has capacity to enter into a binding contract).

HOWIE B Properties is a registered trade name of HBM Corporation. HBM Corporation is a Maryland private Mortgage lender and solely owned by a Maryland Licensed Real Estate Agent. HOWIE B Properties/HBM Corporation is the exclusive leasing agent for JSP Partners, LLC HBN Realty, LLC & HBK Realty,LLC, all of which are fully or majority owned by Maryland Licensed Real Estate Agents or a Broker. Information contained in this web site is deemed for basic information value only, not to be construed as legal advice, nor any modification of any lease in force nor an authoritative voice for any governmental agency or other entity.

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