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It’s mid Fall and the leaves are beginning to drop (now that we have already had a snow event).  Mother Nature has been aggressive for the past few years with her heavy rains, hurricanes, throwing us an earthquake and a few two-foot snowfalls over the past two winters.  She is treating us just as erratically as other parts of the world.  (i.e.: Japan)  We expect more of the same - extreme and erratic events going forward.


We will never beat Mother Nature, but we are trying to stay close to or get ahead of her.  We continue our replacements roofs with higher technology and energy efficient materials – all designed for your comfort and long-term affordability.  All units have PeakRewards® thermostats and all turned over units have CFL lighting, ceiling fans and other amenities to help in the reduction of your energy use and energy costs.  Removal of all carpeting to hardwood floors, updated kitchens and bathrooms, new appliances and added bathrooms are just a few of the upgrades that we do to continuously improve our units.


Good news or bad, communication is very critical.  If you have a repair or maintenance issue or a payment problem, call me immediately.  I am much more cooperative with those that communicate effective than those that stick their heads in the sand and do not contact me. 


Effective November 1, 2011 thru January 31, 2012 we are TRIPLING our lease referral incentives.  That a $300.00 rent credit for anyone you send to us that becomes a residential tenant or $600.00 for a commercial tenant, by January 31, 2012.  The record is three referral credits in one month; try and beat that – You will love the extra cash flow!



October was fire safety month, but clocks get turned back one hour on November 6th.  Please use this time as a reminder to change the batteries in all of your detectors.  The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are there to protect you, your family, your neighbors and everyone’s property.  I thank you in advance for being respectful of them by changing the batteries!


Top Five Safety Tips:

  1. Respect all fire alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. Let us know if any common areas equipment, including lighting, is in need of attention.
  2. Prepare, plan and practice emergency evacuation routes from your home, your work or office and out of the City depending upon the emergency.  Review these plans with your family on a regular basis and reduce them to writing as a reminder.
  3. Have basic supplies (water, flashlights, cash, radio, extra batteries, etc.) in your home, office and vehicle for an unplanned or unexpected weather event, power outage, flood, or whatever may happen.  Power outages also have an effect on businesses so you may have less access to banks, ATM’s and your cash for a brief period of time.
  4. Have emergency information readily available in multiple places - phone numbers for BGE (outages 887.778.2222), relatives, coworkers, etc.  Do not rely exclusively on your cell phone or other electronic devices which may not be available during an emergency.  Have this information in writing as well.
  5. Be sure that you are not creating fire hazards.  Clean dry lint trays after EVERY load; avoid extension cords, certainly do not use more than one extension on an item; keep all drains off the roof and curbs clear of debris and leaves; etc.

 I would like to congratulate Jill & Billy Packo on the start of their 25th year at The Greene Turtle in Historic Fells Point at 718-22 South Broadway.  Consider the Fells Point Greene Turtle for your next business or family event or just a great fun meal or evening watching a game with friends.  The Howie B staff goes there and The FP Turtle did a great job with our Howie B party.  Tell them Howie B sent you! 

 Factoid: Howie B Properties, via it predecessors, has owned property in Fells Point for almost 80 years.

 I am available for you and appreciate that you “Live w/ Howie B”.  Contact me with any questions, concerns or comments.




Howie B

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