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Happy Holidays to everyone!  Something new for the Holidays, use the new green route of the Charm City Circulator busses to shop locally.  They went live in early November and service Fells Point, Hopkins Hospital, Harbor East and Little Italy; the route also extends over to center city near City Hall as it passes the Inner Harborto the east.  It also connects to the orange route that services the Harbor and the west side.  The purple route services the north-south corridor from Federal Hill to Penn Station.  These Charm City Circulator buses are clean, quiet, FREE and connect to the Water Taxi service.  The busses run until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.  For more details and schedules, visit or connect through a link on the left side at

In our continuing efforts to save you energy costs, I had a long energy efficiency discussion with our heating and cooling specialist Odis Gillen, of Gideon’s Air, known to us at Howie B as “Mr. Clean”, for his always clean uniforms.  He advises the following three suggestions for tenants to maximize their continuous comfort and save on energy costs.  First, change your HVAC filters 3-4 times a year.  Second, NEVER turn your HVAC unit off.  Go directly from heat to air conditioning and back; just raise or lower the temperature so it will not turn on unless of extreme temperate changes.  Third, to change the room temperature, adjust the up or down temperature button by one or two degrees, that's all.  Mr. Clean says “Those BGE PeakRewards® thermostats are very reliable and will save you money if you use them properly.  Additionally, remember to adjust your ceiling fans to bring the warm air down for the winter and reverse in the warmer months." Thanks, Mr. Clean.

Notice regarding the USPS:  The United States Postal Service has announced that to save money they are going to slowdown the delivery of mail.  (Wow, do we really need more material for postal jokes!?).  What this means to you:  You must allow additional mail processing time for rents to be received by us on a timely basis.  As a reminder, rents are always due on or before the first of each calendar month. Late charges are assessed for any payments received after the fifth calendar day.  Other payment options include automatic check writing services or post-dated checks.  Call me with any questions.

 Howie B - Top tips to Avoid Mold and Mildew 

  1. Keep things clean.  Disposable sanitary wipes should be a staple in every home in many rooms.  Clean bathroom and kitchen tiles regularly; remove clutter in closets, draws and basements; keep clothes clean, organized and NOT in piles.  Do NOT dispose of any type of wipes in your toilets; place them in the trash only. (Advise all family members.)
  2. Keep trash well contained in containers with tightly fitting lids whether stored inside or outside.
  3. Be sure exterior drains, curbs and walkways are clear of leaves and other debris so water accumulation stays far away from the house and the foundation.
  4. Keep doors and windows closed (even better, lock them to secure the energy seal) to avoid outside moisture.
  5. Regularly use your HVAC system to circulate air so that are does not stagnate or allow moisture to settle.
  6. Dry washed clothing immediately; do not let wet clothes sit around.
  7. Do not leave standing water in buckets, sinks etc.

If you suspect mold and/or mildew problems related to a roof or other maintenance issue, notify Howie B immediately.

My contracting staff & I wish you a health and prosperous New Year!

 Factoid: A hard winter is expected from some forcasting vehicles, plan accordingly for the worst cold & snow you can imagine.

As always, contact me with any questions, concerns or comments and know that I appreciate that you “Work, Play and Live w/ Howie B”.


 Howie B

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